Speciality Cakes

In our pursuit to find the perfect cake selection we have come across the most amazing cake recipes.  We have chosen only the best recipes to make up our selection of speciality cakes.

Special Event Cakes

We would love to bake for your special event. We have baked for birthday parties, kitchen tees, baby dedications & weddings.

 “A party without cake is just a meeting” 
Julia Child

Themed Cakes

Our name says it all, at DOTING MOMS we love spoiling our little ones. Let us bake something special for your kids first birthday, perhaps a smash cake or a red velvet cake for a sweet 16th.


Designer Cupcakes

If you need some inspiration in designing the perfect cupcake for your occasion, we can’t wait to inspire. We have an assortment of different cupcakes, from dark chocolate to white chocolate, carrot to velvet. Topped in swirls, twirls & curls, from buttercream to ganache. Served old school simple or freshly filled with caramel or mouse.

Themed Cupcakes

Making little fondant figurines is one of our specialities. Have some fun and decide on the perfect themed birthday party cupcakes for your child’s next birthday.

Tea Party Cupcakes

Make your next tee party a talked about event with our memorable cupcakes.

Laughter is brightest where food is best.  
Irish proverb

Dessert Table and Sweet Treats


Choose from a range of Strawberry, Lemon Cheesecake, Turkish Delight, Crunchy, Peppermint Crisp and many more.  Or order your macaroons according to your colour scheme.


I have a wide variety of different delicious fudge flavours such as Rocky Road, Traditional, Marshmallow, Pecan Nut, and many more..

Wide variety of treats to choose from

Request a list of all my delicious sweet treats.  From Traditional Tartlets to Italian Cream Puffs to Mexican Biscuits..

Savoury Platters

Meaty Platters

Meaty platters that are value for money

Create your own platter

Choose from a wide variety and make up your own platter.

Burger and sandwich meals

Planning a group breakfast or lunch?  Request my current price list.

For all your caking, partying & desert table needs

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